Looking for Lincoln Story Trail

Follow the trail to find the intriguing Lincoln stories unique to each “Looking for Lincoln” community. Told through a series of over 200 wayside exhibits and statues in over 50 Heritage Area communities, including Beardstown – the stories describe the local people and events that played a key role in Lincoln’s journey to greatness. Each exhibit includes a one-of-a-kind medallion containing an image from the exhibit story. With a piece of paper and a pencil, you can create your own Looking for Lincoln rubbing. Collect all 200 stories as a record of your trip through the land of Abraham Lincoln.

Looking for Lincoln exhibits are scattered around Beardstown and the surrounding area. You can get a full listing by visiting the Lincoln Courthouse & Museum.


Begin at the Lincoln Courthouse,
101 W 3rd St, Beardstown, IL 62618




Exhibits are outdoors, so they are accessible at all times. Some locations noted by the exhibit locations have limited hours, or are not open to the public.

Location Map