Cass County Board

Cass County Board Members: Chairman: Michael Barnett Robert H. Schaefer Josh Millard Joyce C. Brannan Kim Hance Gary Noe Connie Starkey William (Bill) Marriman Charles Hagloch Ramona Douglass Cass Wessel

Illinois Army National Guard

1801 Wall Street Beardstown, Illinois 62618

The Army National Guard is a whole new way to serve. It’s all about a commitment to help communities in need. It’s solid dedication to country. In war and in peace, it’s a citizen-soldier tradition…

The City of Beardstown

Beardstown City Hall 105 West 3rd Street Beardstown, IL 62618

Mayor: Leslie Harris City Clerk: Brian “Petie” Ruch Mary Ann Davis Alderperson for First Ward Term Expires: May 2021 Phone Number: 217-473-8713 Address: 510 East 4th St Email: Sally Lael Alderperson for First Ward…