Beardstown Exchange Club

The Beardstown Exchange Club sponsors American, community service, youth, child abuse prevention, and social events that directly inspire communities to become better places to live. With their motto: “Unity for Service” they seek their vision of a strong America, safe communities, and unified people.


Exchange Clubs are groups of dynamic, public-spirited, business and professional persons who join together to serve their communities and fellow citizens. Members represent diverse fields of endeavor, and each Exchangite brings to the Club a special talent, background, and commitment, which when combined with that of other members, creates a voluntary organization with limitless potential.

Membership in an Exchange Club provides the individual with a variety of challenging opportunities for fulfilling, personal participation in community affairs and service. Exchangites are afforded opportunities for recognition, collective action, leadership development, and fellowship.

Every Club shares in the strength and prestige of The National Exchange Club, the oldest and largest strictly-national service club organization, and its network of member Clubs accross the United States and Puerto Rico. However, the accomplishments, image and destiny of each Exchange Club are molded by its members.


Scott Lumis
202 East 8th Street
Beardstown, IL 62618




Meetings are on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of every month at noon; St. John’s Lutheran Church All Purpose Room, 6th & Jefferson St.*